Saturday, June 07, 2008

Put Context Related Ads on your blog.

I'm attempting to get my blog to somehow pay for itself..

Not that it costs me anything monetarily speaking, but certainly time and effort that I feel I'd like rewarded..

So that's why I've been restructuring my blog, adding a 3rd column, and including some adverts to the right..

As well as the Amazon ads I have for raw and fruitarian books, that offer commission for each purchase made, I've also included some other ads.

The idea is that the ads (they're the ones visible in the right column shaded light green) are meant to somehow be context relevant, but clearly that may not always be the case.

They basically work in a similar way to Google's adsense program, in that one receives commission for each advert clicked on.

If you'ld like to earn a little from your own website or blog, anyone is free to sign up with them (just click on the banner to the right, or below, and sign up as a publisher)..

What I like about them is that they payout with a minimum of $10 to Paypal once each month.. So You'ld need to have a paypal account first.. (you can get one by clicking on the banner below)

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


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Autumn said...

ha ha

*does it count*

Blogger said...

If you're looking for a solid contextual ad network, I recommend you try Chitika.