Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy World News - 6 - Bread to boost IQs?

Bread Additive to Increase IQ?

The latest nonsense from the bizarre stories of the news, is that the Australian government has proposed to make the addition of iodized salt to bread, compulsory.

Their supposed logic is that it will increase the IQ of the nation..

How they have managed to come up with something so nonsensical is once more beyond me, and yet further evidence of this topsily-turvily insane world we live in..

Forget the labour intensive wheat.. forget the mind numbing addiction of the stodged flesh and grains diet.. Don't forget that bread is dead, and no matter what ingredient one might turbo fuel into it, it's still going to be dead.. it's still going to clog up our systems with it's mucus residues and fat spreading capacity..

You really want to boost the IQ of a nation?

Transform and harmonize it's landscape with multi-specied fruit trees, feed it's people with the fruit of those trees, and stop all the annual mono food crops, and insane reliance on animal flesh..



wo_dao said...


Seriously, I wonder what the **** is "IQ."

It's much more of the "quotient of the poor sucker who's gonna fall for society conforming against his/her true internal wishes."

Same goes for the "mentally handicapped" thing that's out there. Sure it's out there, but...there are some people "in that category" who will be 6-7 steps ahead of ya. Think I'm kidding?

I'm sure a madman myself for being so unique, internally and externally myself.

*guh* Whoever brought up this whole "IQ" thing are sure so literal, to the point where they are blind in their foresight of the unusual things out there, waiting to be seen. It's so bad that I won't stop thinking how bad that bloody "psychiatrist" playing their illusional ego profession game; frigging made my friend so depressed that I had to take measures and measure his morale, so that he won't suicide.

*pfeh* No doubt...fruit trees are indeed the release of joy & restoration, but many are too hesitant due to all that literal nutritional fear mongering BS and "initial appearances and results."

So literal that the internal foresight gets blocked...a blockage that won't allow them to see that going on fruit, is cleaning out all the negativity within.......where one is on the path to eternity...

Whatever, people may feel free to call me "mad" and "denying reality" for not buying into THEIR stereotypical perceptions, and the MAINSTREAMS [incl. doctors, etc etc.] STEREOTYPICAL PERCEPTIONS!

'cause if someone wanna do me bad for such things [which I doubt they'd be angry for not being aware of where I live], sure, I got more lectures to throw, and a couple anticipating hands that might like a bokken stick duel of sorts...

Anyways, just rambling, tough times, even for friends that you'd wish the best on.

We all gotta will return home soon...

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with you that the australian government seems to have gone mad, how is bread in anyway made from animal flesh? There is plenty of bread that is vegan- also, if bread is "dead" fruits are dead as well! I have to say, although i really enjoy reading about your lifestyle, as it is quite inspirational, and rather magical sounding, some of the things you say do not seem to make much sense.

Fruitarian Mango said...

yes.. definitely a good point about the value of an IQ.. It shows a lack in intelligence to even believe that ones intelligence can be expressed by 2 or 3 simple numbers..

I understand your confusion.. I maybe don't always write coherently.. However, don't believe I ever actually wrote that bread contains animal flesh.. I just made a reference to the traditional diet often made up of flesh and grains and how we need to rethink that some..

My comment of bread is dead, i will stand by.. The process of making a loaf of bread, fully renders the finished product dead.. The grains are dried, crushed/milled, pasted, kneaded and finally subjected to 200+ degree heat.. Now if that's doesn't kill it!

Ripe, fresh and ready Fruit, on the other hand, is a live vibrant far from dead food.. Bury the fruit scraps and new food will sprout up from the seeds.. bury the dead bread and the soil will never be as rich and alive with worms etc as fruit scraps..


Fruitarian Mango said...

I forgot to write, also, that although I may agree that many breads may be vegan, ingredientwise, that is, the general mainstream production of monocereal grain crops is not exactly earth or vegan friendly..

Look at any patch of wild growing grass, and you may likely find a dozen or more types of plants growing together.. Mono crops fight nature, and are either labour intensive, or heavily reliant on chemicals to win that fight.

Vast fields are set aside to satisfy human craving for breads and such, and the result is a slow desertification of the earth, and a loss of natural habitat for many small wildlife species.. Not to mention their lives that are frequently taken under heavy industrial plows etc..

Anne said...

Annual cereal crops cause the death of many animals who have made their homes in the crop.

One of the most haunting song lines, for me, is from a Maddy Prior song 'The Fabled Hare'

"Leverets trapped in a harvest blade."

Adam said...

I was wondering about fruit juices you can buy at stores. Are they safe? I was thinking about a particular brand called "Bravo" ( here in Sweden. It's "concentrated" (not sure what this exactly means). I think water is added. But is the water safe? What about fluoride and stuff like that? I know this is a bit off-topic from the blog post, but I don't know where else to post. =)


Fruitarian Mango said...

Anne.. So true.. A graphic line , that one, many vegans chose to remain unaware of such facts..

It's difficult to know what exact process store bought cartoned juices go through.. What I do know, is that if you make a fresh juice, with fresh ingredients, it will very soon begin to lose it's value as a food.. Ideally they should be drunk immediately.. Even the colour will change noticeably after an hour or so..

Store bought juices have a shelf life from anything from 2 or 3 days to a year or more..

In my opinion,even the 2 to 3 day juices have undergone a detrimental process of heat in some fashion, which will make them no longer fully ideal..

Then of course, there are the other added ingredients.. all those E numbers etc.. And the stuff you'll never be able to understand, like the added ingredients to the water that may additionally be added..

In my opinion, the only truly safe juice, is a freshly made one..


Fruitarian Mango said...

why don't you write to the staff at and ask them what the process is that your juice has undergone, and what they mean by concentrate? I'm sure they would oblige, as few people would have the sense enough to think anything negative of the processing involved..

If you do, please let us know how they reply!

yogasunfire said...

Hi mango,
I totally agree with you.
The bread is a death matter, like the 90% of the food today around mankind!
For the usual people the breads it is like a drug, it takes addiction.
The true IQ is developed only with the right fruitarian nutrition as the nature created for us.

Mark 'Dedan' Jones Bey said...

Peace Mango, it's Mark the Fruitarian, I couldn't figure out how to comment on my own blog, so I thought I'd come to you. I'd be glad to do an interview, but I will only feel comfortable conducting an interview after 30-40 days on a 100% fruit diet. I got 28-38 more... lol. Gotta walk the walk and talk the talk, ya know?


Fruitarian Mango said...

yogasunfire.. glad you understand.. :)

Mark.. OK,great plan.. let's get back in touch in a month and a half from now.. I wish you every success!