Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crazy World News - 5 - NASA bombs the Moon

NASA Rocket Crash

For such a major event, it received very little coverage with the Australian media.. In fact, when I first heard about it a few days ago, I could hardly believe what I was reading, but a few more searches around the internet and news sites confirmed that it was indeed true..

NASA bombed the moon..

Well, official sources would have us believe there was no bomb involved, but conspiracy websites abound with contradictory theories, and regardless of whether or not there was a bomb, the fact still remains that they launched a rocket directly at the moon, with the intention of a mega impact collision at 9000kms an hour.. (supposedly equivalent to the power of a 1.5 tons of TNT explosion, followed four minutes later by a 2nd collision)

Of course, NASA plays the whole event down, appeasing the masses by telling us that it is all in the benevolent aid of scientific research and the quest to prove once and for all if the so-called lunar ice-caps do indeed contain that precious commodity of water..

Watching the news here, it is mostly taken up with useless information about some rugby players caught pissing in hotel pot plants, or the sadness of drunken fans whose team lost the big match, and we are thus spared more noteworthy worldly news that is of genuine value. - Like the ever growing ginormous oil slick that rarely if ever gets a mention, and this NASA mischief being another of the many such events that the media seems to just brush over as basically irrelevant..

And yet, does the moon not play a decisive role in the movement and timing of earthly tides? Would the US be complacent if it were the Iraqis or Pakistan that were detonating the lunar pole? Not knowing the full extent of the moons nature and it's relationship to earth as a satellite, how could they ever be completely sure that their foolish mega-mythbusting-explosion, might not feasibly cause tsunamis and earthquakes down here? And even if, as they dubiously claim, the goal is genuinely to establish if water exists up there, surely such an intrusive rocket fueled, or otherwise, explosion would contaminate any such water source, making it potentially unfit for any theoretical future moon colony, besides who can say with certainty that there is categorically no life in existence on the moon, and thus that the bomb is harmless to the moon..

The operation is said to have cost $79,000,000 , - money that surely could have been far more wisely spent..

The mind truly boggles.. Military research is generally of the most destructive ilk.... Indeed, I recall reading some years ago, a correlation between nuclear bomb testing and earthquakes.. and it was supposedly, according to the article, an established fact that after every single nuclear bomb detonated, there was/has been at least one mini to major earthquake within 24 hours, within a 1000km radius of the detonation site.. Makes me wonder if the recent Samoa and Sumatra quakes might not also have been ultimately connected with military playing their silly hell-bent destructive war games..

Shoot, I seriously doubt most readers have ever heard of the deep sea sonic-boom testing, performed by the military, and most likely cause of a surge in confused deafened beached whales.. Very difficult to find any news at all on that one!

And if you are of the naive persuasion that NASA is in no way shape or form connected with the Military, then you need to wake up and stop kidding yourself..


Matthew said...

Greetings Wise Mango =),

I am very grateful for your the many years of silent support you have given me throughout the past years. I have been fruitarian for roughly 4 years now. Many thanks to your writings and dedicated blog sites. You have always shown me wisdom and great patience on how to deal with this life's twists and turns. I have just recently read another portion of your thoughts and was wondering if you can take a look or gander at. For the spiritual side of things, as well as health, I believe fruitarianism to be the greatest and most virtuous path. I believe grains, seeds, beans, nuts, etc. to be physically and spiritually unhealthy for humans. I have recently found many others who believe this as well and are also looking for some form of support. Please take a look at Master Ching Hai's teachings and methods. She has recently started to advocate fruitarianism herself this year.

Please sincerely take a "look". if you would like to discuss further, feel free to email me at-

Sincerely Thankful and WML,

Matthew said...

Sorry, I know these comments are not directed toward the article about the bombing of the moon. but I did not know where I could just email you this message.

I have also been a part of for sometime and talked with Fruitbat Anne as well as a few other gracious fruitarians.

Anne said...

Great points you make Mango,
it just seems a violent and irrational action to me; think of all the fruit trees that could be planted with those dollars.

Thank you for the insights
Love and Peaches ♥XX

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi matthew,
thanks for your positive feedback, I'm in full agreement with your comments on fruitarianism and spirituality, (yes, grains, beans, nuts & seeds should not ultimately play a role in our diet!) and hope some time to write more on that subject..

I have looked some at the suprememastertv website, but unfortunately, due to our slow internet connection, video streaming doesn't work too well here..Excellent to know that fruitarianism is gaining more followers though!

Hi Anne!
yes..absolutely 79 million dollars, could buy enough fruit trees to feed more than one nation.. Crazy too that they waste this money in the middle of a so called "recession"..


birchbarkbobananda said...

Hi Mango, thanks for keeping us informed, esp with the fruitarian diet info.
u aware of DU?, spelled out: depleted uranium.
Listen to dr Leuren Monet (see audio link below) deliver the facts and we have yet one of the best reasons to eat well and keep our immune systems on top of things
best wishes from the åland archipelago of finland


right now on a so far 6500km bike trip across europe

Anonymous said...

I think you are off base on this one. They bombed they moon looking for water. The $79 million came from tax payers. Recipients of that money go to Walmart, Sears, Ralphs, May Company, and help give other people jobs. Those people pay taxes, those companies pay taxes. Giving more jobs.

Yes, I wish they would plant fruit trees. But they could do both. Unfortunately, they only plant non-fruit trees in Los Angeles, which is insane.

Rather than cutting income taxes, they should be doubling them and end inflation.

Anonymous said...

you are awesome, mango

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi BirchBarkBob,
thanks for the link.. have yet to check it out.. busy preparing for our upheaval from sydney here..

6500kms some distance.. how long have you been on the road?

Yes, maybe they could do both.. but unfortunately, that's not the case.. I'm not aginst taxes at this point in time, but do know that tax collected could be spent far more wisely than it is being spent, creating just as many jobs, but with far less destructive outcomes.. (without the need for your proposed doubling!)..

anonymous, thanks!