Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fruitarianism for the Environment..

It takes up to 50,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilogram of beef compared to only 2,500 litres to produce 1 kilogram of rice, and significantly less still for tree based agriculture producing 1 kilogram of fruit..

A short while ago, the UN released a report titled "Livestock’s Long Shadow". In it, they explain that the animal exploitation industry, major suppliers of unhealthy addictive foods, are one of the most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems the earth is currently faced with ..

This isn't food

The solution? Move away from animal farming, and mono cereal crops, and begin focusing more on a fruit tree orientated agriculture.. This will not only help restore the planet to it's one time splendour, but will ultimately save and prolong lives, and awaken awareness.

In addition, animal industries habitually negatively impact bio-diversity through causing loss of native habitat, introducing non-native species which leads once again to unnecessary competition for both food and water..

The solution is clear again, to use land to plant more trees, creating more bio-diversity, and offering a long term solution to food production through environmentally sustainable fruit growing techniques..

neither is this one

Additional detrimental impacts animal raising has on fresh water supplies, all of which can ultimately be avoided by ditching dark ages flesh eating habits, are that livestock often trample and destroy river edges and pollute water ways, native vegetation is systematically destroyed to make way for monocrops or pasture land which will ultimatley cause soil erosion and effect rainfall..

The manufacturing of leather and other so called animal bi-products is a major source of pollution, with it's reliance on formaldehyde and other toxic chemical pollutants..

In the US, animal factory farming pollutes more waterways than all other industries combined..

A large chunk of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to conventional animal farming techniques.. take into account the fuel and energy consumption such farming methods rely on, and the statistics are surely even more disturbing.. - Animals raised for food in Australia alone produce about 3.1 megatonnes of methane annually. (Methane has a far greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide).

or this one

Believe it or not, grazing takes up nearly 50% of the Australian continents arable land, - a rough 380 million hectares!!

Instead, we could be planting more intermixed varieties of fruit trees.. - Eating more fruit, and ultimately cutting the meat, wheat and cheesy dairy from our diets, is a very effective way for individuals to make a very real difference to reducing global warming.

Livestock animal grazing additionally has a direct impact on the environment through compacting and acidifying soils, and increasing to unsustainable levels the volume of manure and other by-products.. effecting land and waterways..

According to the CSIRO and the University of Sydney a massive 92% of all land degradation in Australia is caused by animal

and this is surely not food - does it look appealing to eat?

Increased numbers of agricultural animals, over-farming and overgrazing has lead to vicious cycles of deforestation, erosion and habitat destruction. Eventually this will lead to starvation prompted by the disappearance of plant food sources.

Meanwhile, out in the ocean, innocent fish are being caught by the 10s of thousand, all to satisfy human gluttony for their zombie flesh eating habits.. The consequences are that these modern fishing methods have depleted populations to such a level that the industry is now targeting deep sea fish, species not previously taken.

Not only are fish populations being forced into a spiralling decline, but destructive fishing techniques including dragnets, long lines, purseseine nets and driftnets are destroying large parts of the ocean environment in the process. - unintentionally capturing other sea animals such as non-target fish species, whales, dolphins, turtles, seals and sea birds like the albatross. Many of these species are facing extinction due to fishing. - Insatiable gluttony for food with eyes has created vast areas of the ocean void of desirable fish..

How about this? hungry?

All this mindless destruction when the only real food that encourages a healthy body, mind and planet, fruit, goes virtually unrecognised for the solution it harbors..

Fish farming is equally insane, creating concentrated faecal contamination in specific areas of the ocean and rivers, promoting the rapid spread of disease and parasites, to both captive and wild fish populations. Even more bizarre is that farmed fish are even fed fish! – 5kg of wild fish is needed as feed to produce 1kg of farmed fish.

I could continue listing insanities, many of which, probably together with yet more mind-numbing ones, are available on the internet, but what would be the point.

But this is food!!

The only real solution is very clear to me. Leave behind destructive habits reliant on the slaughter of fellow beings and their homes, and instead plant fruit trees to eat their luscious offerings - the most superior of all nutrition, and the only environmental friendly and truly karmically free food..



wo_dao said...


I think about a co-worker who use to work in a tomato processing factory.

He's in his late 50s, he sure told me a story where this tomato factory would just end up feeding almost all of Mexico (or something like that) within a whole year.

The problem is, the tomatoes come from California, then is brought up to somewhere I am. The whole packing and checking again. And once those tomatoes are sent to other places for retail. The check for the "perfect tomatoes" happens again. A vain effort.

He was horrified as to how big the tomato compost was. And they were fresh tomatoes, with a bit of "uglyness" which would of been easily ignored. I mean seriously, if you get a bruise or whatever on your fruit....why throw it out or ditch it?

Damn anti-fruit idiots [yeah, I speak harshly out of love] get all "OH, but fruit is unsustainable."

My @$$ it's "unsustainble."

Fruit is eternity once you pursue and tap into it. Once you keep yourself clean within and without, with that devotion. No one's got the morale for such....or barely..

But anyways...only thing for now is to keep yer head up, and keep on hoping and bringing what's good; and if people wanna take advantage or walk all over my pursuits, they're gonna have it... =)

I would imagine how many processing factories with their conveyor belts and workers, bounded to money....are out there...for sure..it's tough.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Wo_dao,
Yeah, amazing - I've often heard of those giant mountains of food that are totally discarded due to not being cosmetically appealing enough for the masses..

I heard that all the worlds cattle, eat enough food to feed 8.7 billion people!!

Well..chin up..look on the bright side.. There'll come a day when the madness is finally over..That's where I try to keep my focus..