Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oil Slick still growing..

I'm still following the news about the oil slick I mentioned a while ago..(here)

It's been leaking into the sea for over 10 weeks now, and still not been plugged.

(a 4th attempt that was scheduled a few days ago, but was canceled.. I know not why)..

Online reports are saying that the slick has grown and now covers roughly 25,000 square kilometers, and is still expanding!!!

In my opinion, this is an environmental catastrophe comparable to Chernobyl.. And still the TV news makes NO mention of it..

sea snake swimming in sludge

I discovered this forum that is giving some news and links to the disaster:

Estimates for how much is leaking daily vary, but some reports say as much as 13,0000 or more litres a day..

Here's one recent news report:

And this is how I use google to read more:

Google search forlatest oil slick news



Fruitarian Mango said...

2 more links with regular updates on the oil spill:


Anne said...

Dear Mango ♥,
I saw this on the news today:

Have a peachy one XX♥

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Anne..
the news just keeps getting worse.. now the oil rig is on fire, and claims are the fire can't be stopped until the leak is plugged, and no immediate plans to do so..