Friday, October 23, 2009

Free Energy - 2 - Magniwork

This video talks about a so-called zero point magnetic power generator.. A supposed Free Energy Generator that uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion.

A Perpetual motion device refers to a machine that runs perpetually i.e. indefinitely, and produces a larger amount of energy than it consumes. Thus, it produces free energy indefinitely, runs by itself, without having to need a third-party device or resource to power it.

If it does as is claimed, once started, it would supposedly run indefinitely creating completely free electrical energy, which theoretically could fully power ones home for free.

I must admit, I've never been privileged to see such a device in action, and can't vouch with certainty that it is genuine, but I have been researching it some on the internet, and it does appear as if some people are actually using them..

It is definitely something I wish to look in to more once we are settled in our new home.. - wherever that maybe, we are waiting eagerly to get there..

If any readers have technical/mechanical expertise enough to know with certainty if this device may or may not work, please please let me know.. I'd love to hear from someone that has actually attempted, successfully or not, to put one of these things together?!


Frederic said...

Great article again mango.
But i have a question regarding the sexuality of a Fruitarian or Fruitarian-Rawfoodist. I read over several forum that when you are on a vegan or a fruitarian diet you tend to lose your sex drive. it appears that you don't lose the ability to do it of course but just the need to do it on a regular basics(lack of desires). What are your thoughts about that? Is it normal? Does it mean that we are in lack of nutrients or just that humans are not supposed to do it regularly. Thanks. Fred.

wo_dao said...

I'll answer your question Fred, through my experience; but everyone is different with different morale and personalities, that some get frigging scared and egos panic when they don't get that "auto hornyness."

I'll be honest, I got a sexual personality myself, that came in several forms as I grew and change the way I eat.

Back in my pre-teen meat-munching days, the whole concept of "beauty" as in "hierarchy of appearances" conditioned my mind, that I LUSTED for "good looking girls" and only got "turned on" by such. I felt this was rather unfair, but the thing is, did I have any control over such thoughts? Never.

Being around my early days and later days as a teenager and youth, the thought pattern and the "self mind control" factor changes as I change the way I eat.

I always believed in unconditional love, and NO ONE should be punished for the way they look. I didn't wanna be some douche out there that just condemns another woman for being her, with her HARMLESS appearance.

So while being fruitarian, it's not the lustful sex drive that controls me. I CONTROL IT!

It's super saddening that people need that "motivation" of a lust to think it's health, then think sex should "control them" without really implying it directly.

I mean isn't it OBVIOUS why there are so many divorces, unhappy families and depression? THEY ALL MAKE LIES! NOT LOVE! SO WHOEVER GOES HAVING AN EGO TRIP CAN GO EAT IT! (Yes, being direct will wake'em all up)

It's all about love, I don't need to make lies like those idiots out there do.

I guess while being on a cooked food vegan path, it's an in between thing, much less harder to control....but that funny lust still comes around still often, just not as cruel and perverted. Think I'm kidding? =p

I'm aware of the feeling of being sexual as a fruitarian (only short term & someday I will go long term and for life) & the contrast between other all has it's mental effects and differences for sure.

By being fruitarian....I am in the point where a happy relationship matters first...not some dingy lust competition where couples plunge like nuts & call for a divorce and "YOU SO UGLY" attitude later on..

I'm never afraid of what occurs to my sexuality as I change. I'm aware of the feeling of what it means to be horny out of love...and out of an ego and's not all about having a boner and plunging non-stop. The intent and the feeling...if you listen to it all...there's a difference....and that's always a deciding factor whether a truly devoted fruitarian would want to be a part of it...or simply walk away and not be an IDIOT like the rest of the population, and truly find the right person.

Since I'm about to go to "answers" aren't all organized and I hope this will allow a person to explore themselves within. I certainly explored without hesitation nor giving a damn what those anti-fruitarian slanders affect my morale..

(Well DUH, if someone wanted to hate and harm me over all that I say, as I am STUBBORN to stick by where my heart guides me...even if in person........I'm ready to retaliate. I hate to do it, but it's tough love.)

Sexuality is such a complicating topic to even put in words. It's something that's never totally explored in all aspects by most people these days, so it's always good to CONTROL yourself and not end up in a DUPED and relationship full of LIES!


wo_dao said...


The other factor is also not craving war and unnecessary action when you're in that state of peace as a fruitarian...where the feeling of desire changes to simplicity. People that haven't retrained themselves to LOVE boredom and simple peace...are gonna struggle and slander fruitarianism instead....if they just expect to be all high like on pot or some sort of ridiculous happy stature.

The main point of all this before I go, is I couldn't care less if I were to be sexually active or dormant as a fruitarian. If someone wants to have an ego game over it or do some harm for such a harmless thing, I always love to have a duel and teach'em a lesson as to what to REALLY bash on in life. Hence those who are TRULY devoted to going fruitarian should not give a ***** what anyone thinks initially, especially if you temporarily are in that cleansing phase where there are times where you just feel no "desire" etc etc.

Because I AM in control as a fruitarian. I'm sure the day I have a fruitarian child with the right partner...the feeling will be a blessing......a true harmonious blessing...where if there are even any small flaws in the relationship....we'll work it out together. At least it won't be based on LIES and LUST!

I'm sure everyone has a different thought mentality etc etc on this. I mean everyone IS different in their sexuality, that it's a wonder what it would be like if most of them went on fruit. I say this because I know people that just "want it" like crazy, even on plain old vegan diets, etc etc.

And some people, they ONLY get that "feeling" when they're really in an intimate relationship with such trust; that anything else graphical would turn them off, nor would anything else tempt them.

So where a fruitarian path leads devoted fruitarian individuals.....with so many different's all a mystery I suppose. =)

I guess that's all.

Anonymous said...

And on the free energy thingy........

THat's SOOOOOOOOOOO cool. I think this whole world of benefit from it for sure.

I sure think about the governments trashing electric cars because oil means "BIG MONEY!"

So if this whole magnetic free energy does come out..........I hope the same thing wont happen again.

Frederic said...

Thanks Vo_dao .Great answer
I am currently having issues finding a lady. why ? because I look too thin. If you know any good strick vegan or fruitarian dating sites let me know, I would appreciate it. Thanks again for your imput.


wo_dao said...


it's not worth dating someone who's gonna get picky about appearances.

I couldn't care less if I were skin and bones or super fat. I still do my work like a bloody demon when I work.

Regardless, if being "thin" is an issue for you, just keep away from the unraw stuff. You won't believe how it just keeps the body in it's "cleansing and slow rebuild" phase that the body won't rebuild the weight until you're really clean & working physically hard.

I guess it's all down to the mental morale.

Anyways, don't give up finding the right partner anyhow, and don't fall for temptations either, like the rest of the suckers out there.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Fred,
I'm not sure why you believe girls don't like skinny men. Some may not, but many would be fine with you being less than average.

Personally, I find fat repulsive, but skinny is ok.

I think you need to work more on self confidence.


Frederic said...


Thanks for your support. The problem that I have is to find also a Fruitarian lady or at least a vegan one which is not easy at all.Also I am 47 so age is not on my favor , most ladies after 40 are overweight in the US, most drink socially etc.. So all that make things difficult for me to get a decent Fruitarian or Vegan partner.