Monday, October 26, 2009

Useful Programs - 6 - Free International Phone Calls

For the past 6 months, Kveta and I have been using a program called Justvoip, to make virtually free international telephone calls..

I write "virtually free" because there is a minor 5 (US) cent connection fee for each call (regardless of whether or not the callee is engaged or otherwise doesn't pick up), but other than the meager 5 cents, the calls made are free, and one can chat, as far as we are aware, indefinitely.. Certainly for significantly more than an hour..

It's a program somewhat similar to Skype, in that you are using the internet to initiate the call, but with the major difference that with justvoip, you can set it up to use your home, or, in certain countries, mobile/cell phone.. (thus it works with even the slowest of internet connections!!)

In other words, the program first rings to your private phone, and once you've picked up, then rings to the phone you wish to call, and seamlessly connects you both together..

It's a great service, and we've never yet had any problems using it..

The only requirements are that you have a paypal account with at least $10 in it, which you pay as advanced credit for your calls (for the 5 cent connection fees), and a mobile phone to set up your account (an activation key is sent to your mobile as a text message, which you'll have to enter to activate your account. - Not ourselves having a mobile, we used the mobile of a friend to receive the onetime only text message).. It's all explained pretty well on their website, from where the software can be downloaded free of charge..


The software can be used to make both national and international calls.. Admittedly, not every country is free to call, but the US, the UK, and several other countries are 100% free, apart from that 5c connection fee, of course.. And other countries offer significantly reduced fares in comparison to other methods of telephoning..

As I said, we signed up and started using it about half a year ago, and we've already saved ourselves well over a hundred dollars in phone calls, and from the initial $10 payment, we still have more than $6 left in our account..



Sambhu Das said...


If you are using the internet for phone use...I think a magic jack might even be cheaper than this service...just a thought.


Sambhu Das