Friday, January 25, 2008

How much we spent on food in December 2007

Just to back up my recent post about economical eating, I thought I would start posting how much we spend on the fruit/food we eat..

From next month, I will post this information along with the posts of what we ate..

Anyhow, this is what we spent for both of us, foodwise during December 2007:

DSC01096.jpg DSC01096.JPG picture by mangodurianApricots - $17.95
Avocadoes - $89
Cherries - $35.69
Cucumbers - $9.63
Durian - $180.06
Longans - $26.21
Lychees - $13.58
Mangoes - $30
Rock Melon - $5
Nectarines - $23.60
Pawpaws - $14.79
Pineapple - $3
Tomatoes - $14.50
Watermelon - $45.91
Sweet Peas - $10.45

Total= $520.27 divide that by 31 (days in December), you get $16.78 and divide that by 2 (me and Kveta), you get $8.39 each..

So our grocery expenses put us back $8.39 Australian dollars each, each day.

Mount Warning.. NSW


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Anonymous said...

The prove that besides healthy, fruit is cheap!
Mango what do you think about adding some nuts, seeds and green vegetables like cellery or lettuce and also sprouts to a mainly fruitarian diet?
I have been reading and they are really inspiring me.

Be blessed

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fylype!
Well.. I think we must all do what we feel best, and personally I think fruit is more right for the body than either greens, seeds or, especially, nuts..

Of course, everything is relative, but the longer you are practising fruitarianism, the more foods other than fruit will loose their appeal..

I don't buy any of the pseudo nutritional science.. I personally believe health is really all about the state of cleanliness of ones body, internally.. And nothing keeps you clean better than fruit does!

good luck, and a hug,

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Anonymous said...

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