Saturday, January 19, 2008

Isn't it expensive living on just fruit??

Well.. no, actually it isn't..

When I look at our monthly accounting stats, it's clear just how little we spend on groceries in comparison to most people..

After all, living the way we do, I'd say that pretty much all of our grocery money is spent on fruit alone.. We don't buy other household products.. no soaps, conditioners, powders, creams or detergents.. no other vices like resteraunts, coffees, sugar, ice creams, lollies, sweets, beers, wines, cigarettes or take-aways..

And all in all, we spend on average, about $16 a day on fruit for the 2 of us.. (that's $8 a day each to feed us.. that's just 8 Australian dollars a day!!)..

OK, I'm aware that not everyone has as much choice and as cheap a fruit as we do, but when you consider what we save also on not cooking our food or having to clean greasy pots and pans and dishes with detergents.. saving on water,. gas and eletricity bills too,  i'd reckon that eating just fruit is about as economical as it can get..

If more people were fruitarian, and the world was running more harmoniously, then I picture clearly that fruit production would be the best economical choice for growers too.. Saving them vast amounts on fuel each year, and yielding them far more per square meter than any annual crop could ever hope to do..

Think about it..

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Fruitarian Mango said...

I forgot to mention all the money that's saved through not having to visit doctors from living healthily too!! Very important point that one..Because even if you think you can live even more economically on a rice diet, in the long run it will cost you a lot more..


Anonymous said...

Hey Mango.
I am so glad that you left a comment on my blog!
I never thought of posting (also) in portuguese...that is a good idea. Thanks.
And yeah living according with our nature can only be good. We are healthy, we save money, we are happier, we are blessed...

Best wishes dear Mango

cyberryan26 said...

I wish I could save money eating a fruitarian diet. As a quick guesstimate, based on the prices of fruit here in western Illinois, if I were to eat the quantity of fruit you do, it would cost me $600/month at the least and maybe up to $1000/month (!) at the most (my current food tab is somewhere from $300-$400/month. Seeing as I make only $2000/month, that is just not feasible for me. I would have to get a second job just to support my good eating habits, and therefore, give up on my bicycling forever. What is the point of having superior physical health if I am going to be constantly unhappy?

cyberryan26 said...

Oh yeah, those prices even assume I'm eating CONVENTIONAL fruit!!

Fruitarian Mango said...

cyber Ryan, sorry to hear that the government is subsidising your ill-health. If fruit is genuinely too expensive where you are, then at least try and supplement with greens and other raw vegan foods. I'm sure it must be possible to live on a relatively healthy diet where you are without it costing you an arm and leg. It may be more of a case of doing more research and bulk buying more food.. look around you maybe you will find some growers who you can buy directly from. if that is adamantly not the case, consider instead relocating!