Friday, January 04, 2008

Environmental Fruitarianism

Hi all you budding fruitarians!

In previous posts I've touched upon the basic physiological reasons for adopting a fruitarian diet (here), I've mentioned some common sense reasons (here), and also recently written a little on ethical reasons for adopting a fruit only diet (here).. And I'm pretty sure that they aren't the last posts on any of those subjects..

View of Mount Warning.. Northern NSW, Australia

But today I feel to write briefly about the environmental advantages of going fruitarian.

A fruit based diet has its roots firmly entrenched in the ground.

Unlike the traditional omnivorous or vegan diet that is based primarily on annual crops, predominantly cereals, a fruit based diet is predominantly based on perennial agriculture, primarily fruit tree growing..

Being reliant on annual crops means heavy reliance on fossil fuels for land cultivation.. it involves wide spread loss of wildlife habitat, and annual unintentional slaughter of innocent animals that get caught up in the heavy machinery used to turn the earth.. The earth suffers from this practice, which is, to say the least, highly unnatural..

Think about this.. no where in nature will you find a naturally grown field of one particular plant species.. Mono crops are devastating the planet.. To grow large mono crops to feed the masses, involves a constant struggle against diversity of plant life. The alternative of not relying heavily on pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, is even more labour intensive, thus inevitably producing food of higher shop price..

Fruit tree growing does not involve the earth being disrupted each year, by heavy rotivating plows and the like..

I am not naively saying that no fossil fuels are used, or chemicals in fruit production, far from it. but I am saying that the amount and impact is vastly reduced.. And I mean vastly... Fruit trees are also grown in mono.. field after field of mango etc.. And ultimately I clearly believe that that can be improved on too, however the environmental consequences of this are far less than the desertifing tactics of annual monocrops..

Myself taking an Avocado soap.. It's good for the skin! Externally as well as internally.

Please give it some thought..
ps remember - harm to a part, is harm to the whole..

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