Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Natural cockroach repelant.

For anyone out there looking for a natural cockroach repellent, I just got a tip from fruitbat Anne, of a method she is using and having success with..

In her own words..

... I have tried quite a few natural methods. This one is catnip. I use 'cosmic catnip' brand, which is available on e-bay. It is a very potent catnip. You just sprinkle it in drawers, cupboards and anywhere that roaches like to be.

Since I started to use it there have been no roaches anywhere I have sprinkled it. What's more the cockroaches seem to be discouraged from the whole of the house too.

I haven't tried it myself, but i'll certainly be keeping my eyes open for some catnip!

Anne's a fellow fruit eating enthusiast, and you can read more from her here and here..

Anne, and her 2nd fruitarian son, Cappi


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