Thursday, January 17, 2008

Want to learn another language?

I speak 5 or more to varying degrees of fluency (at least to conversation level), and I am just starting out on my 6th.. If you want to learn along with me, I am posting free lessons in a blog.. I just published the first lesson..

The blog's here:

As you can see, the language is Czech.. Kveta will be my guide.. I hope to find out an easy way to share sounds in the lessons too.. so I can talk the words and phrases I'll be learning.. Does anyone know how to record simply sound files (using just a laptop?), and how/where to store them for free on the internet??

Eat fruit, be cute,

Kveta, my partner and language teacher.. Standing under an avocado tree she planted as a seed.. It gave 100s and hundreds of avos in 2007..
- Picture is of kveta in her self designed and made rainbow dress, standing under an avocado tree she planted from seed in Evans Head..

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog and look forward to exploring other languages with you. Unfortunately, the link on your blog doesn't work. Best.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Oops.. sorry about that.. I misspelled it, missed a letter out.. thanks for letting me know!!