Friday, January 11, 2008

My definition of fasting..

Or.. more to the point I suppose.. - what is it that I personally mean when I talk about fasting?

You see.. the thing is, the colloquial meaning of the term fasting, is changing as the term is abused.. just like vegetarian has changed to become a diet including many things that are actually far from vegetarian, and as fruitarian has done, to now be a widespread choice of many potentially very different diets.. (see: my definition of fruitarianism).

Anyhow, I've heard people talking of doing juice fasts, or fasting on watermelon, or fasting on grapes, etc.. but the thing is, many of us may actually break-fast (the first meal of the day after a night of not eating) on a glass of orange juice, or a bunch of grapes.. so with that in mind, I hardly can consider a week on orange juice to be fasting.. You'ld be breaking fast with each glass you took!

Nope, in my opinion, fasting means taking no food, of any kind, including any juices or mono fruit diet.. It does include drinking water when thirst is present, but if one chooses to go without water too, then, to make the distinction totally clear, I tend to call this "dry fasting".

That's it.. simple really.. just how I like it!

Me and Kveta at Byron Bay

So what about those times we just mono on one particular fruit, or just drink fruit juice?

Well, one definition of such a regime is "a cure", like, a mono fruit cure, a grape cure, an orange juie cure.. or just even a juice cure (with various fresh ly squozen juices)..

Some years back though, I coined the term "juice feasting" - instead of the abused oxymoron" juice fasting.. I liked it because it was just that little "e" (f(e)asting) that made the difference, and since then, I've been calling such experiences I've had "juice feasts".. I've also noticed that in more recent years the term appears to be really catching on, and I've since witnessed many people using it both off and on the internet, so the term is definitely gaining in popularity..


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Unknown said...

Thanks for all your great posts. They are really helpful.

Om Mani Padme Hum,
Lama Jigme

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Lama Jigme..

thanks for that.. your appreciation is appreciated!


Anonymous said...

greetings mango

I also want to let you know that I really enjoy your post and pic thanks for sharing. I have kind of a personal question for you. Actually 2.
Do you think if you actually had a physical labor job that the fruit diet would sustain you and would you be able to maintain the fruit life style wilst working. And also been observing you for awhile now and it seems as though your hair is thinning more and more. I was hopeing that and thinking that such a diet would give a guy a full head of hair. your thoughts.

many blessings

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi anonymous (what, no name?) answer to your questions..

1.Over the past few years I've done several stints at seasonal wok.. strawberry picking, grape picking, garden center work..These have generally been pretty labour intensive, between 1 and 3 months.. I've kept up with the rest, and not had difficulties doing so.. However, I have not desired to work longer than that.. quite frankly, and more to the point,why should I?
I mean..why work for money more than ones need for money?If I find work again, I would be more than content with just 7 or 8 hours paid work a week.. the rest of the time I could potter in the garden, or go swimming.. I think 7 or 8 hours would cover my weekly financial needs ok.. But if really necessary,yes, I could quite easy hold down a steady job, if it was mentally challenging enough.

2. keen observation.. yes, my hair has thinned some.. It would be nice to have that eternal youth thing, with a full head of hair, but the fact is I am pushing 47, and still feeling a lot better than most 47 year old males look to me.. also, one should remember that I was not born into practising fruitarianism..far from it, i suffered the omnivorous stodge diet for all my youth and some adulthood, and that can't happen without its mark.. things no doubt would have been very different if not given those first years of abuse.. anyhow, who knows, maybe once i get back into the country and climb more trees, my hair'll grow back! ok.. wishful thinking maybe, but either way I am not overly concerned, so long as I still have vitality....

anyhow, thanks for visiting!


KarMar said...

I am a 28yo girl who has worked on a farm for the past 10years. The work is very physical at times and of long hours(15hrs)
I am not a fruitarian in mango's eyes but my diet consists of a very high consumption of fruit. I eat most fruits as mono except tomato, cucumber, capsicum and when I feel like it I add some lettuce or alfalfa sprouts. Also have melon salads consisting of watermelon, honeydew and rockmelon. But in saying that I do eat them all as individual fruits too. I do not juice as I have no interest in doing so as I more enjoy the fruit in it's entirety. I do occasionally eat carrot and celery but that is as far as the veggies go.
My work capacity is immense and I out work and and out perform all workers that I have worked alongside regardless of gender. My personal strength is that I can pick up 50kgs which is a couple of kgs more than what I weigh. I'm not sure if I could lift more, I am not one to 'exercise' or 'work out' by choice. We do receive stock in 50kg bags so that is mu reference. :)
So to answer your first question of can you sustain and are you capable of physical work, most definitely! I am toned, strong and able to work in victoria's summer sun 10hours a day with no problems at all.
KarMar :)