Saturday, February 23, 2008

Useful Programs - 1 - Flock 1.1

First in my series of useful programs to download..

This is for anyone out there that blogs or uploads photos, Flock is an excellently useful tool.

It's essentially a web browser (like firefox, Internet Explorer, opera, Safari and many of the other web browsers available out there..).

Basically, it's built upon Firefox version 2, but has some pretty niftily impressive extensions built into it, making blogging and photo sharing a real pleasure.

These are just some of the things you can do with it:

1. Easily post a blog entry to your blog (works with most blogs, but not with myspace. - Yet.)
2. Easily upload pictures to photobucket, picaso, flickr and other photo sharing websites.
2a. The great thing about this is it can automatically resize your images to the size you prefer, and also lets you crop the image so you can just select the part of the image you want to upload..
3. Lets you drag and drop any picture into your blog entry, and resize it to fit with your blog..
4. Checks your email (currently only works with gmail and yahoo)

There's heaps more stuff too, but those are the main things that have us hooked..

Both Kveta and I use it to  post our blog entries.

You can download Flock version 1.1 beta, from here:


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