Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fruitarian Interview - 1 - Kiwi - deleted

This is the first in a series of interviews with fruitarians:



Anonymous said...

Great interview!
I really enjoyed this one.
May your path be filled with joy. You deserve it. We all do!

And thank you Mango for everything you do!

Love to all

Anonymous said...

Your story is inspiriting Kiwi (Kelsey). God is blessing you and everyone who reads your story.

And you too Mango.


Anonymous said...

With Regards to the B-12 issue, there are reports that the Body itself will create all of B-12 that is needed. (Just as the body will synthesize Vitamin K and certain amino acids as needed.) Marvelous Machine the human Body is....

One wonders why B-12 has become such a major marketing prop against vegetarianism, veganism and fruitarianism... Considering the very animals they want us to eat don't get B-12 from their food source either. I would assume they manufacture it in their intestines like we do....

Great to hear your success story. I converted my Entire Family to Vegetarianism 5 years ago and just recently to fruitarinism.

We Love it. It simplifies meal preparation, no one is hungry and every one is happier. Skin is clearer. No Dry skin Thanks to all the water in fruit. I could go on and on, but this is your spot. LOL.

Live Long and Prosper. :)

Courtney G said...

I loved your positive voice and spirited outlook. Fruit really is empowering, isn't it? And I think your point about not putting yourself on a pedestal over others who aren't fruity is important. I have to hold myself back sometimes from giving lectures to my family about their diets, and I try not to criticize friends who are still living the bar-hopping lifestyle. People have to learn for themselves, and it's great that you realize this and can articulate it so clearly and honestly.

Thanks for being you :)

Anonymous said...

it is so refreshing to see what fruit does for you and to be reminded of that.i happened apon your blogs and really enjoyed reading them.there is so much junk out there we forget what god provided for us.i think i will eat way more fruit,i find watermelon makes me feel refreshed everytime i eat it.i have not tasted a fruit i did not like so it cant be wrong.thanks for refreshing info.