Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fruitarian Book - 1 - Fruit: The Ultimate Diet

Fruit: The Ultimate Diet (click to order)Fruit The Ultimate Diet - by Rejean Durette (156 pp).

The supposed first book of its kind to delve so deeply into the whole concept of a fruitarian diet.

Page after page reveals reason after reason to become fruitarian as every single myth regarding the diet is dispelled and it becomes ever so clear that if you want to be as healthy as possible on every level, the answer is simple:


Contains nutritional, physiological and anatomical facts supporting fruitarian eating. Discusses what a fruitarian eats and how to make the diet work for you.

Chapter titles: The Common Sense Diet; Man is a Part of Nature; Back to the Garden; Man's Blueprint; So Where's all the Fruit? Food Production; What's Wrong with Cooked Food?; What About Vegetables?; Living on Fruit; What Constitutes Food?; What About Protein?; What About Calcium?; Calories, Protein, Vitamins, Etc.; Common Myths About Fruit; Weight Loss; Food Combining; Eating Fruit In Season; Supplements; Fruits Have it All; Organic vs. Commercial

Having not yet had the oportunity to read the book, I am unable to vouch for the contents or state clearly whether I am in total agreement with it or not. However, it is likely that there are parts of it that I may disagree with, but I am sure that overall the book will be very inspirational to anyone who reads it.

You can order the book by clicking here: Fruit: The Ultimate Diet


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Anonymous said...

I should have it shortly. Expected arrival is Feb 26. I cant wait to read it becaue I have so many questions. Ive read some negative stories on fruitarianism recently and so im worried now. I have been 100 % fruit now for over a week and I feel great. I just read that fruit doesnt have all the nutrients we need and theres too much sugar , etc. etc. bla bla bla so I dont know what to think. I went RAW Nov,08,07 and just over a week ago Iwent fruitarian.Today for example I got up off my couch after a movie and got light headed. Before the show I ate about 12 bananas because i was hungry.I eat a lot of bananas. Here in Idaho we dont have much selection because its still winter and so bananas are pretty much the abundant thing right now and besides I love bananas. So the book is very much anticipated because I have many questions and concerns. Ive never had sugar issues before and before I ate a lot of candy,chips, junk, and drank a lot of Mt.Dew so fruit cant be all that bad.I like the interview on Fruitbat Anne, shes quite healthy looking and so are her kids. And you are quite healthy looking too for being fruitarian for so long so anyway Im really looking forward to the book.People say we need greens, theres too much sugar in fruit, fruit doesnt have the nutrients we need and bla bla bla so Im really looking forward to the book.Thanks Mango

Unknown said...

I read the book a few years back and enjoyed it.There is a lot of good info.
What i liked about the book is he stresses the importance of trying to grow many different types of fruit trees that will grow in the area you live.
Also always eat fruit in season and
a lot more good info,I am sure you will enjoy reading it.
Love Peace and Happiness,

luis mac said...

I was just on and saw many good reviews on fruit supplements. In the book, does he address the possiblility of taking fruit supplements in the off seasons. I mean, if you do not eat fruits in the off seasons aren't you losing a lot of nutrients that you need?