Thursday, February 28, 2008

Useful Programs - 2 - Resizor

I am regularly sent photos by various people around the globe, generally they are sent with such large dimensions (straight from the camera no doubt), that it can be quite time consuming just waiting for them to download.

Well, there are lots of programs out there that one can use to resize a picture before sending it. Most of them are quite complex for the novice.

Resizor is different though, it's a small standalone application used for image resizing and retargeting.

Unlike Photoshop its small, loads quickly, and easy tostart using.

It features something called "seam carving technology" for image retargeting, which is basically a technique used to resize the images with out losing the quality of the image.

You can use filters for resampling of images for superior quality, resizor claims that some of these filters offer superior quality than photoshop.

It's currently available only for Windows.


Have fun, and send me a less bulky picture next time!!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the true to the world about our natural diet: FRUITARIANISM!
You are doing a great job Mango. From the deep of my hearth, thank you.

Be blessed

Anonymous said...

my blog is up and running