Monday, February 18, 2008

What we ate in January 2008, and how much it cost..

Once more, this is an estimated but still pretty accurate list..

ruit Quantity Cost
Apricots 2 kgs
Apples 1 kg
Avocados 96 $73.00
Bananas 7 $1.82
Capsicum 1kg $1.40
Cherries 3.5 kgs $23.64
Cucumbers 14 kgs $21.79
Durian 57 kgs (including shells) $171.62
Grapes 12 kgs $19.90
Kiwi 15 $9.95
Longans 1 kg $6.43
Lychees 11 kgs $67.73
Mangoes 80 $55
Casaba Melon 3 $6.30
Rock Melon 9 $17.50
Nectarines 70 $37.49
Oranges 20 kgs $15
Papayas 7.5 kgs $23.67
Passion Fruit 8 $1.50
Pineapple 1 $2
Tomatoes 25 kgs $20.67
WaterMelon 200 kgs $93.40

Totalling $675.31 Which means that we averaged $21.78 for 2 of us each day on food.. That's $10.89 (Australian dollars each per day).

Bare in mind that we generally eat an avergae of 5 or 6 different things eah day, and that I fasted for 4 of the days in January, it should give a very rough idea of what we might eat on a daily basis..

And to see one totally random average day, then I recorded what we (kveta and I) ate on the 20th of January:

08:00 half a litre of juice each (made from blended mangoes and grapes)
10:00 three quarters of a durian between us..
11:00 kveta had juice from a quarter of a rock melon, I had the other quarter juiced with some grapes too..
12:00 I had one avocado, and one tomato.
15:00 the last quarter of a durian. Shared.
15:45 juice from the other half of the rock melon..
17:15 me: 1cucumber, 1 tomato and half an avocado.. (mixed) Kveta: 2 tomatoes, 2 cucmbers (mixed).
18:30 me: 1cucumber, 1 tomato and half an avocado.. (mixed) Kveta: 1 tomatoes, 2 cucmbers (mixed).
after 21:00 Kveta 1 cucumber, 2 nectarines, 2 apples.

As you can see, we don't follow the traditional 3 meals a day plan.. rather we sort of graze throughout the day.
We don't really have a pattern. Just eat when we feel to.. and as a rule of thumb we are generally ready for food at about the same time.

To see more of what we eat on a more or less daily basis, then head over to Kveta's blog, where she tends to give rough summarys of what we both eat daily..

Hugs forall,

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