Friday, May 16, 2008

Topsy-Turvy World - 9 - Do suncreams really prevent skin cancer?

I blogged recently about my thoughts on soaps and other cleaning detergents. Today I would like to focus on sun creams, and raise the question of whether or not sun creams really prevent skin cancer..

My personal view point is one of extreme skeptisisim.. Actually, perversely enough, I really believe that the reverse may even be true..

Think about this.. sun creams contain a whole host of chemicals that are far from natural.. In fact, some of the ingredients in sun creams have been demonstrated to be carcinogenic (actually promoting the development of cancer cells!!).

Actually, just reading the labels makes me feel queasy.. Isotridecyl salicylate, Octyl salicylate, Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane.. Need I go on?

Sun on the other hand, is totally natural, and without it all creatures on this planet would die... It gives us a steady supply of Vitamin D, which is said to be crucial for the absorption of Calcium in the body, and well, providing we don't over do it, it just feels plain good!!

Think about this.. The skin is a major organ of elimination.. Meaning, that much of what we detox, comes out through the skin.. I believe the sun will help cleanse the skin of surface toxins, but by applying these oil and chemical based sun creams to our skin, we are in affect preventing the skin from detoxing, and in addition, actually absorbing new chemicals into the skin pores from the sun lotions..

Neither Kveta nor I use sun creams, and neither of us can stand the toxic smells of the beach going masses that spread it thickly onto their poor toxin overloaded bodies..

Supporting these thoughts:

Herbert Sheltons - Benefit of Sunlight

During the heat of the summer, after gradually letting more and more sunshine onto my body, I find I can be outside most of the day, and rarely do I get burnt.. Sometimes I find my nose is a bit of a weak point, and will keep that covered to prevent too much skin flaking off.. And should it happen that we get burnt, we just apply a little aloe vera fresh from it's leaf..

We also enjoy massaging fruit skins into the skin (especially papaya or mango!), and find that really helps the skin to not get burned too..

Sunshine is not your enemy!!

painting of a zebra on the artist's hand

Peace to all,

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Autumn said...

I totally agree about sunscreen giving people skin cancer. My husband's mother has been on our case for years about not wearing sunscreen, but there is no way I'm putting that long list of chemicals on my beautiful skin!

Although I don't think the skin is actually a major organ of elimination. I certainly think it's a back up elimination organ though, but only when our livers & kidneys are too overloaded!

Otherwise a healthy clean liver & kidney is designed to take care of everything. Perhaps, under ideal circumstances, we may be designed to detox just a little with the sweat & stuff but otherwise unnaturally detoxing through the skin as much as people do in this modern society is something that also contributes to skin cancer.

Of course I'm no expert or anything!

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hiya Autumn rain!

Glad you can see it to..

And true, I'm no biologist, I just recall the Acronym from school that the bodies major elimination organs are S.K.I.L.L. (Skin, Kidneys, Intestines, Liver and Lungs).. But no doubt that order is purely to ease memory of the acronym..

With the way most people live and eat these days, I'd guess that skin is a pretty important elimination organ as most bodies are in toxic overload!!


Anne said...

Hey Mango,
you are one step ahead of Natural News! They have a feature today about sun creams causing cancer.
Whilst I am not sure that the creams in themselves cause cancer, I do think they can be another addition of toxins for people who already have lots of dietary toxins.

I got posted this link today and thought of your blog post.
have a great day,
love and peace,
from Anne .

je suis said...

Hi Mango, i tried not using suncreams and going out for walks in the morning (before 9) and i've got a few sun spots... is there any way i can prevent this without sun creams? Thanks heaps!

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Anne,
thanks for the news link.. nice for the scientists to confirm something important for a change!

je suis, i personally don't think that under normal circumstances the sun should be avoided like the plague.. i don't restrict myself to specific times of day to be outside, but can enjoy the sun at any time of day.. early morning to the heat of the midday sun.. sensibility is crucial though.. just don't overdo it if you're not ready for it.. i know i'm not really answering your question.. personally, i think many types of fruit juice/peals smeared on the skin is good.. especially pawpaw or mango.. i generally eat them and rub the skin on my skin.. then just shower after being outside.. but ultimately, the only way you'll beet sunburn or spots, is to ease into it slowly, and don't overdo it.. remember the sun is not your enemy..


cyberryan26 said...

Unfortunately, those of us who are stuck working OFFICE JOBS cannot incrementally increase our exposure to sunlight except on weekends, which inevitably slows the process so much that by the time we CAN enjoy the sunlight as often as we want, the summer's already over, and we don't want to be outside all day anymore anyway. Therefore, we're stuck with three choices: (1) use sunscreen on the weekends so we can enjoy the sun without sunburn, (2) get sunburned, which used to be my favorite option before I was scared into using sunscreen after my little brother got blistered sunburns from being on the Mississippi River for seven hours without sunscreen - when I wasn't a frequent sunscreen user, I was always relatively safe from burns after getting burned once or twice in the season, (3) we cannot enjoy the sun during the danger hours, at least not without covering our bodies, which makes us uncomfortably hot, else if air can get through, so can UV rays. I just say screw it, take option #1 and accept that I'll die of some form of cancer. Hopefully, it will be a quick death and will just shave off the years of my life that suck. My goal was never to live to be 120 or whatever our potential maximum lifespan is anyway.

cyberryan26 said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the activity I like to do that warrants a long time in the sun on weekends during the warm seasons is bicycling, so I guess, the fact that I'm physically active in the sun would somewhat offset the risk of cancer from the ingredients in sunscreen or any perceived risk from the exposure to the UV rays themselves. Most of the times I sunburned in the past was because of long bike rides as well.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Ryan, you left out the most important choice of all.. choice number 4..

4) plan to escape the line of work you are in, and find an altogether new lifestyle away from offices, and one that lets you spend the time out doors that is your given birthright. Don't dismiss this idea, no matter how difficult or unlikely such a change might be, it is most definitely a possibility should you desire it.

cyberryan26 said...

Yeah, still probably couldn't get an all-over tan without a sunburn or sunscreen if I chose option #4 here in the USA. Even if I could, in order to do that, I'd have to move down to a perpetual summer state or country, and therefore, give up on everyone I know practically forever, because if I moved into that line of work up in a temperate climate, it would be just seasonal anyway. Until I'm ready to just give up on everyone I know, I'm just stuck.

cyberryan26 said...
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