Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Amelia!!

Today is the 3rd birthday of my niece and God-daughter, Amelia.

I haven't seen her since I left England in November 2006, and to be sure I miss her heaps.

It was a very tearful day, the day we parted, still is when I think of it, and I've no idea when I'll see her again.

I also miss my sister, and parents back there too..

But do I regret moving? No.. I still believe I made the right choice.. This is where I am mean to be.. following my destiny, and heading to the tropical fruit paradise fate I've dreamt of for so long.

May the future be bright for us all, and I'm sending blessings across the oceans to my darling niece.. - May the Fourth be with her!!

peace, Mango.

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Anonymous said...


My name is Fred and I am a fruitarian as well. I switched to a full fruitarian diet 8 months ago. Was a vegetarian for 4 years prior that. Anyway I am on my time off A web developer and I am going to build a free Penpal & dating website in the next 5 months. I would like to include a vegan& fruitarian option. The website will be free at first & will surely get some funds from advertisers who wants to post on the site. I am thinking charging a small fee after a year for the dating option but the penpal will remain free. Anyway let me know what you think & if you want to be part of that. Take care,
Fred. Dallas TX.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fred,
just spotted your comment.. not sure why i never noticed it before..

i think it's a great idea, although i believe my friend Rudolf has already tried to start something like that.. ( it's not something that i'll personally be using as i am not seeking penpals or partners (i already have kveta, and enough other things to keep me busy in my life), but do post a link to the site if you've created it already..