Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fruitarian Interview - 15 - Fred - deleted

I've deleted this particular interview as do not find this character to be trustworthy.


Anne said...

Great Interview.
Very inspiring how Fred is healing himself with fruit.
Great work Mango, in bringing together such a diverse range of interviewees, all united by a love of fruit.
Thanks Fred for sharing.
Love and peace,
from Anne.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fred,
check out this site:
I love this site, it has an "ideal weight calculator"
Click that link there and punch in your height. 155 is normal and Ill tell you from experience, dont worry about your weight you will bottom out then stabilize. your body knows your ideal weight and by eating fruit which it is designed for you will reach that weight, for me i went from 250 pounds down to 155 bottom, I now weigh 165 and maintain this weight.
I work out alot and run so Im building muscle again which many non-believers say you cant do on just fruit, well I AM!
Great interview!

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Rob, Anne!

I had a look at that ideal weight calculator, and suspect that the ranges could be dropped a fair bit.. Myself, I am about foot 10 and weigh about 56 kilos.. (what's that about 126 pounds maybe?).. So according to the calculator, I am below what is considered healthy, and yet I feel better than ever, and don't feel that I am looked at as being perversely skinny..

So I agree and reckon Fred is well within what should be considered normal weight for his height..

Glad you're all still enjoying the interviews.. Hopefully more will follow.. Anyone interested, please get in touch!!