Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crazy World News - 2 - Aliens in NSW?

Alien Presence in NSW?

There's been some spookey goings on in the Hunter Valley in NSW here in Australia..

Several Olive growers have gone out in the morning only to find that all their trees have been somehow miraculously entirely stripped of their fruit..

"There have been theories about bats and birds but we've ruled that out because there's no damage or no faeces … it's quite eerie.

"Whoever or whatever it was … depending on this year's yield, they could have gotten away with up to $40,000 worth."

One guy had 400 trees completely de-olived in the course of one night.. a job which would have normally taken them 3 hard days work to complete..

The weirdest thing is, it seems that all the olives were taken, every single one of them removed from all the trees, and the ground, with not a single one left hanging or lying around..

Wierd huh? Aliens?

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Anonymous said...

weird... really, really weird.