Monday, May 19, 2008

Mystery Fruit - 3

It's being a while since my last mystery fruit, the first 2 were probably too easy..

So, I'm hoping this one might be more of a challenge for you..

I won't give you any clues..

Just pictures..

And finally:

What do you think?


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Anne said...

It could only be a Noni!

Love and peace from Anne XX.
P.S. hope you are getting some good Custard Apples, they are really good on the Sunshine Coast at the mo.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Anne,
Right again!
I will catch you out on one of these occasions..

The Noni, also known as The vomit fruit, or the cheese fruit.. And Indian Mulberry, I believe..

I wonder, you know how so many people dislike the smell of durian, but that others simply adore its aroma.. I wonder if there is anyone out there that actually feels so passionately about the smell of the noni?

For me,I do not find it's smell to be very appealing at all..


shomophoto said...

Peace. I love the smell of noni now.I used to dislike it before i started taking it, but now the smell is great. It definitely lets you know when its ready to be used!

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jared,
Interesting, I had a slight feeling that the smell may be appealing to some, and that the fruit itself may thus be too.. I'm aware that it is eaten a fair bit by certain peoples..

Having, I think, never actually tasted it, perhaps you could enlighten us all to how it tastes when is it eaten, does it have to be very soft? Does the smell change when ready? Is the overly strong smell only once the fruit is already passed it's use by date??

thanks for the info Jared!

Hi Anne,
yes..custard apples are around at the moment, but we never seem to get an abundance of them, and they are always rather too pricey.. On the other hand, we are eating very nice persimmons at the moment..

regards to all,