Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kveta!!

Happy Birthday Kveta!!

It's Kvetas birthday today, and I'd just like to say a global public hi to her!!

She's only in the next room, sleeping still, and'll get a real hug once she's up and about, but until then, here's an ehug or 2..

She's 51 today.

Thanks Kveta, for being there, and for inviting me to these shores and into your life!

regards, love,
PS .. Sorry, no recent photos to share, so I'll just be showing another of these painted hands..

HandPaintedElephant.jpg Hand Painted Elephant picture by mangodurian

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Autumn said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Womyn!

kveta said...

thank you for yummy birthday wishes, sweet mango, i am pleased you joined me on oz seashore. i am enjoying our frutiarian fun under the sun.

love always,

kveta said...

hello,autumn,thank you fruity kid.