Friday, December 21, 2007

Topsy-Turvy World - 2 - Healthy Chicken.

Those that know me, also know that I am often ranting on about how the world is sort of "Upside down".. that things that seem bizarre for me, are actually considered normal by others.. and of course the reverse is true.. things i consider normal, are considered bizarre by others.

this is what i mean by a topsy turvy world..

take yesterday, for example,.. i walked past a sandwhich bar, with a sign saying "Healthy chicken".. and a picture of a fried chicken under it..

Now to me, there's no way I could think that that chicken was the least bit healthy..

In fact.. picture this.. A house is burnt down, and with it one elderly occupant.. her remains are discovered, and the local newspaper photographs it, and writes above the pictre, "Healthy Human"..

Can anyone see where I am coming from?

But even when one looks at it from the point of view of a supposedly "healthy meal", it is still bizarre to me, and such a warped feast was never meant to be a part of our regular sustenance.

It's just clever advertising I suppose..

- The world has gone mad.


Standing near the ice cream bean trees

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Anonymous said...

He-he, I think the world has been mad for some time :O)