Sunday, December 30, 2007

Topsy-Turvy World - 3 - What do you love?

This short poem just about sums up the topsy turvy nature of the world we live in: (adapted by me)

You say you love the world,
but you help in it's destruction..
You say you love the sun,
yet you sit in the shade..
You say love the ocean,
yet you sully it with your toxic chemical suncreams..
You say you love fresh air,
but you happily pollute it with perfume and cigarettes..
You say you love children,
Yet you feed them foods that make them ill,
You say you love cows,

but you stake and steak them..
You say you love lambs,
but you chop them..
You say you love fish,
but you hook and batter them..
You say you love birds,
yet you cage them in, and steal their eggs..
You say you love animals,
but what's that I see on your plate?
You say you love trees,
but you fell them..
You say you love flowers,
but you pick them..
You say you love carrots,
yet you uproot them..
You say you love the wind..
 but still you close the door.

is it any wonder,
that I sit here confused,
when you tell me,
'it's love that makes the world go round..'
Now I am afraid also,
that you will say..
"I love you"..

And remember at all times..  that if you are not confused, then you are most surely just not thinking very clearly.

Kangaroo in the early morning..


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Katish said...

Love this.!
Hope it's ok that I took it and set it as my status on Facebook.

Cassie K said...

i like this poem48