Monday, December 24, 2007

Fruit wants to be eaten..

Unlike every other type of food out there, fruit actually "wants" to be eaten..

OK.. Maybe my choice of words is wrong.. Anthropomorphizing the fruit a little too much, but think about it some..

Fruit is the only type of food that is really, clearly, given freely..

Bacon would not be a choice if the pig had any say in the matter.. A lamb, given the gift of speach, would most probably say "no" if you asked if you could eat its leg, fish would no doubt choose to stay in the water, if they could, and I feel pretty sure turkeys must object once their Christmas is made clear to them..

Chickens are surely protesting from having their eggs stolen and freedoms restricted, and both cows and their calves would be up in arms, if they had any, with the theft of their milk.

Given the chance, bees will attack and defend ferociously, even sacrificing themselves in the process, in order to protect their precious honey..-A sure sign that they do not give it up voluntarily..

But even for the things that have no oral or physical ways to defend themselves, it does not take a great leap in thought and faith to understand that they would likely protest, if they had the ability..

Eating a carrot involves destruction of the whole plant, the lives of lettuces and cabbages are brought short once picked. Even individual leaves torn off of a plant, seems in some way to me, to be against the grain of a universe supposedly built on love... Eating grains, cereal, nuts and seeds generally involves depriving those capsules of any real chance of a life that could have been theirs..

But fruit..!! Now fruit is a whole different kettle of fish.. or should I say "basket of mangoes"! Fruit is different!

Given the choice, the plant that bears the fruit, would most likely be saying "eat it! eat it!".. Because through eating the fruit, you will be helping the tree spread it's seed.. And the more tasty the fruit, the more likely you will be to nurture and care for it's seed.

Fruit is the only food that is given karmically free, and thus the food that is truly compatible with a universe whose fundamental principal and driving force is love.

Eat fruit, be cute, love long and prosper.
hugs mango.

fruit waiting to  be eaten..

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kveta said...

well said mango, i agree with you, i only like to say that trough my observation i find that animals do object, and they do saying NO! very loudly. just try catch a chicken, even domesticated one will run for it's life. did you ever heard a pig crying being chased to be killed? by people whom fed it for some months? did you ever seen such huge animal kept in tiny room run for it's life? every creature big or small will defend their life to their best abilities. most of captive animals refuse to multiply.another strong NO statement to mistreatment by some careless humans.

one does not need ability to speak to say NO.

yes, some people steal milk, eggs, honey, life etc from other creatures,it is also very common they also steal babies from cats, dogs etc. to have them as pets in their selfish ignorant way. most of them being parents as well.believing that a cat or dog for example is having perfect life with them. it is fruit of ill mind,not being able to put itself in to dog's or cat's "shoes" i wonder how will mother and father of human baby feel if some cat or dog come over and take their 6 weeks beloved baby to keep us pet, because it is so cute and so on...

i believe first step is to heal humans, to liberate their self, so they can liberate rest of the living creation

love all,

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks kveta,
yes, clearly animals say no in their own way.

Unfortunately too many of us choose to pretend not to understand.

but that will change!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mango,

I read your poetic story and it sounds nice, however is it true that you do not include seeds (the children of plants) in your diet?
In addition, please provide some scientific references to back up your claims about fruitarianism, without using fruitarian references. (For the sake of academic honesty)
Also, how do you deal with stepping on small creatures incidentally and how do you deal with insects on your fruit or the fact that the fruits are derived from companies who are known to do harm to animals or any other type of creatures?

PS: I am sorry for asking so many things at once, feel free to answer my questions at your own pace and also you do not have to answer them if you don't want to.

Thank you for reading.


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi anonymous, yes.. it's true, I do not believe in eating seeds for themselves.. IE, I will eat seeds that are small and inseparable from the fruit.. like in tomatoes, kiwis, passion-fruits etc.. but not sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and the like..

You ask for scientific references.. Now that's a little difficult to give you. I would love for someone to do some serious research on the fruit diet but I don't know of any other than one that was mention by Essie Honiball in one of her books (appaently research was undertaken in south africa with fully positive results)..Personally, I have no need myself to see such results and urge people to experience the truth themselves.

And as for stepping on insects, I am not so sensitive that I will loose sleep over such, I try to minimize destruction as much as practically possible, but am fully aware that one will always find ways to improve.. that is the beauty of life, living and self improvement..

I may address these issues in more detail in separate posts, but make no promises..


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your post mango, i ABSOLUTELY agree with you!!! Great!

Fruitarian Mango said...

@Tina, nice to know! Success on your path!