Sunday, December 09, 2007

Protein on a fruitarian diet?

I've lost count how many times I've been asked the question: "Where do you get your protein from?".

I think the thing one should realise, is that much of nutritional science is really only good marketing ploys.

We are brain washed and hoodwinked into believing certain things are true about what we should and shouldn't be eating, that we rarely actually stop to consider whether what we are lead to believe is truth, really is.. truth..

Protein is one of those things that we all tend to think we know about.. The meat marketting board has been telling us for decades that the human body is built up on protein, and that meat contains protein, and ergo, we should eat meat in order to get that protein.. And the flesh industry has been very powerful and influential in selling its wares through clever pseudo scientifical advertising disguised as fact.

Looking at things from a purely common sensical view point, one might wonder how an elephant managed to get so big and tough eating just plant matter.. I guess they are fortunate that they are unable to understand the pseudo science we as humans, are fed from childhood on..

The human race, I suspect, suffers more from over indulging on high protein foods, and is afflicted far more with excess protein intake than from too little of it.

Yeah, I am no scientist, I'll be the first to admit, but when was the last time that you actually met anyone that suffered from too little protein in their diet? I suspect that anyone that would be suffering from too little protein, would have to be on a malnourished, more or less starvation diet, to be doing so..

Contrary to what many might believe, fruit actually does contain amino acids, the building blocks of protein.. And a broad range of different types of fruits, I am told, can contain anywhere from about .8 to 2.5% protein.. And when one takes into consideration also, that the supposed time of life when the human body needs the most protein, is during the first years of ones life, when the diet naturally should consist of just mothers milk, and that the protein content of mothers milk is said to be roughly 1.5% protein, it would seem that fruit would be the ideal food.. Covering our protein needs to a degree of perfection that the excessive amounts of protein in meat clearly could never do..

Anyhow.. all this is hearsay, and as I said, I'm no scientist.. I cannot stand and say with conviction that any of those figures I just wrote are correct, I have no microscope to verify these findings, and I wouldn't recognise a protein f it hit me in the face.. Instead, I have my own proof from my own experience.. feeling better now on a fruit diet, than I ever felt on any other diet. and feeling far healthier and younger for it too..

About to plunge into the damn..

Try it.. if you are persistent, you won't regret it..

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Unknown said...

The elephant example makes a lot of sense, it had me thinking there for a while. I was looking for a post similar to this on the net for a while now because research showed me that there are various misinformation on the net about the diet of fruitarians and their "nutritional deficiencies". Well, if one is conscious and innerstands the amount of programming society is embedded in today, they would clearly see through all the deception...

Great post!

Fruitarian Mango said...

I read recently online somewhere that some dumb scientists somewhere totally nutritionally analyzed the food being fed to some lab rodents, they then fully synthesized their food, and fed them purely on synthetic minerals, protein, vitamins, trace elements etc etc.. within weeks all the test animals were dead..

So crazy! nutritional science barely scratches the surface, and then you have so called intelligent people out there running insane experiments whose results should be obvious. I think they must gain pleasure from seeing poor critters suffer.. (sorry I never book marked the link to the experiment).

It's natural that fruitariansm would get bad press, because coming from mainstream it is clearly radical and extreme and coming from the pseudo knowledge most people have, also unbalanced and dangerous. So I'm glad I've made some sense to you! thanks!

cyberryan26 said...

One more thing to think about - if essential protein can ONLY come from animal sources, then where did the animal get its essential protein source? If you think about it, even carnivorous animals in nature ultimately depend on green plants for all their nutrients, including protein.

Fruitarian Mango said...

@ryan.. voila.. thus essential proteins cannot only be said to derive from animal sources.. in fact, i've never really heard anyone saying that anyway..

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Guys, I was raw vegan for two months. I ate a fruit basket that consisted of 3 bananas, 3 oranges, 2 apples (green and red), 1 avocado, and 3 pears; every 5 hours plus chia seeds, hemp seeds, and almonds. Hemp protein and I usually had a big fruit like pineapple or melons or papaya everyday. It wasn't hard. I felt great. Yet I never rid myself of the great powerful mischief I did to myself. You call it diarrhea. It was in a beautiful array of colors. Usually the color of the big fruit I are that day. However I stopped the fruit diet out of fear of doing me a mischief of greater magnitude than diarrhea. Anyways any tips?