Friday, December 14, 2007

B12 and Fruitarianism.

Similarly to the protein question (Protein on a Fruitarian diet), I have often been asked: what about B12 on a fruit only fruitarian diet??

Unfortunately there is no really simple answer.

Once upon a time, I used to be really into the supposed science of nutrition.. I used to be able to name all the essential amino acids and could tell you what each one was supposedly good for. I knew how to complement proteins, and I knew the sources of most vitamins, iron, minerals.. you name it...

But I gave that all up when I discovered one could use a sort of "common sense" to see whether or not something was right.. or not.

What I have since learned, is that pretty much the entire human race does not know how to eat, and as such, any statistics taken of mineral or vitamin levels within a human, are all based on an essentially sick species, and thus are misleading and of no genuine use to anyone..

Try to look at it this way.. every species out there, in it's natural habitat, consumes it's food in a raw state.. No cooking or processing is necessary.. And indeed, studies have shown that if you try to feed a species processed foods, they will almost certainly be worse off for it.

Got that? Humans are no exception, and that is the first thing one needs to understand if one wishes to maintain optimal health.

Personally I decided to leave nutrtional pseudo science behind..

Now, you may not be someone who believes in the biblical Eden, so if you aren't, then just skip to the next paragraph, but if you do.. ask yourself the question; where did Adam and Eve get their B12 from? The answer is they didn't even know it existed!!..

I have serious doubts that a lack of B12 is the real issue.. More likely is that the body gets somehow sick from other things, and these other things cause the body to not function as it should, and part of the symptom of not functioning correctly, is a loss of B12..

Have I confused you enough already? I think I'm starting to confuse myself...

Enough said.. I don't do B12.. I don't knowingly and deliberately seek out sources of B12.. If I get any, it would be, I guess, from not being meticulous about cleaning my fruit before eating it.. This has been the case for many years, and I have never had any of the B12 deficiency symptoms..

I'm sure I haven't answered the question.. You just have to put your faith in fruit, and you will see and learn that it is our ideal and only true food...

Me having a mud bath..

hugs to all,
Mango the Fruitarian.
PS See also: B12 on a raw vegan diet (mostly fruitarian)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mango how are you?
About the previous post all I wanna say is that I agree with you. About the B12 I still take a pill per day in order to get the reccomended dose. But I feel like you are right. And in a near future I will leave the supplement.
Keep posting. I love it.
The picture is brutal :D

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fylype!
Yes, I believe you'll be making a wise move to drop the pill!
And glad you like the picture! .. hey, maybe I'm absorbing B12 through my skin from the mud on it!! ha!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mango

No I'm not confused by this post. In fact I think it's quite insightful. I do have some nutrition background myself and what I found sometimes is that many of the guidelines are more of 'suggestions'. Many studies just 'point to the direction' but never really can conclude. A very good example will be - eat a variety of foods - which sounds to me like 'Sorry we can't really say what exactly is good so if you can take most things you'd probably be better off'. That doesn't sound very conclusive. Just my gut feeling, not a medical/nutritional statement.

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi bob,
thanks for the thoughts, and for getting what i'm saying.. yeah, like i've said, i have not knowingly or deliberately taken any b12 source for a good 16 years, but still no tingling fingers or undue spaciness..

DeSySaSteR said...

b12 one of the worse...isn't it? I mean..that maybe you would like only to free yourself, let it go and do what you feel better for you...just feel it by's like becoming rawvegan by answering this simple question: let's suppose I don't care about ethical or ecological issues, let's suppose everyone tells me that meat is the best and needful source of protein...but still would I eat raw meat?? When I try to figure me eating any animal I feel like throw up...! And so I ask my self, how could I do it?? If I'm not able to eat it why should I force myself?
But there comes b12! You can say your friends that you feel ok with not eating meat, cheese,milk, eggs... but still, after the protein matter...after many warnings about the numerous lacks you could fall in...than comes B12!! becouse, they say to you, the problem will come in many years, you cannot say you know anything about, becouse the truth is the more you read and search about it, the less you really know... it's like fog...terrible intimidating fog!!
it's like a stake between you (alone, different, crazy...) and ALL the others... like any other time, but even worst..becouse EVERYONE, even who smokes, drinks alcohol and so on, can point his/her finger to you and say "you will never know till you'll dye of horrible pains, you crazy!!ah ahahahaah!"
funny is that the "studies" that talk about lack of b12 point out that the problem belongs to smokers, obese people, people who are taking estrogenic substances, also normal omnivorous ...and so on...
but they talk about b12 only when vegan matter comes out...
it's really hard to overtake all this intimidations... from the psychological point of view is really hard to go on... when everyone says you're fool and crazy only becouse you dare to think that you can feel yourself better than a doctor knows your body...
I think people like you mango are so much brave to go on and overtake these issues... :)
I would like to be like you...
I still don't take supplements...but it's few mounths i'm totally vegan...raw vegan mostly...I don't know what to do, and i know no one can give me this answer...
and friends who don't agree with your choice continue to warn you out about the crazy choice you're making...
:( it's so hard...

wo_dao said...

my reply to poster above...

Just search within, keep your head up, and don't take **** from anyone. Morale is important.

They try to scare you, because when you are shaking, without the will to retaliate, you'll only find yourself cringing in one spot; and really not living your life, which comes a quick and unfair death.

Seriously. B12?


They wanna bring it up to me, I say it in their faces. They can twist and turn all they want, and I'll still be standing.

Here's the thing also, don't overload yourself with fats (like overloads of avocados) and nuts. That'll screw ya over, if you fall for the hype.

yogasunfire said...

Hi Mango I find this affirmation in a breatharianist site (
"Vitamin B12
It is proven, but not well known, that in a "healthy intestine", vitamin B12 is produced. Science continues to say that we have to eat meat, milk and other animal foods to get this important vitamin. It is also proven, but not well known, that living vegetable foods also contain B12, and that cooking destroys the B12 in meat and other foods. Science doesn't seem to think that anyone could have the healthy intestine, and doesn't promote the internal B12 production."
What do you think about?

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi yogasunfire,
as i've tried to explain in this article, i have left behind desire to understand the interconnected nature of minerals, vitamins and such.. It may well be true that b12 is manufactured in the healthy intestine.. but for all i know, maybe the truly healthy body doesn't even need b12.. I'm not saying one way or the other, as i really no longer consider such knowledge of any importance..

buying in to all that theory, makes correct eating unnecessarily complex.. My path is to put all that aside, and concentrate on knowing what fruits appeal at any given time, and thus the body will instinctively take care of itself.. The need for individual nutritional elements is in my opinion a fallacy, as they are never individual in nature..


cyberryan26 said...

You mentioned that every species, in its natural habitat, consumes food in its raw state. However, we do not know if an animal would eat its food cooked if it had the chance. After all, there is evidence that animals can eat other animals if the eaten animal had been struck by lightning, which is nature's own way of cooking. Also, in a less natural way, wild animals can eat cooked food rotting in landfills, although I have to admit I believe wild animals that frequently eat out of landfills may be subject to the same "diseases of civilization" humans are.

Fruitarian Mango said...

@ryan, sure we know that animals will often chose cooked food over raw, if given the choice. racoons, foxes, dogs, bears, cats, mice, rats, and more have all been proof of that at times. This shows the addictive nature of cooked foods.. bears will even break into locked cars to get at a packet of cookies.. We know we can get them hooked, as we are, and vivisectors have proven what a detriment such an addiction can have on animals too.. I'm told cats and mice will virtually become sterile after several generations of eating nothing but cooked food. Certainly they become far more aggressive in nature.

I meant only that nature provides us with our true food in an appealing state ready to be eaten, just as it does for every other animal in a natural setting. We are mistaken to believe we can improve it through destroying it through intense heat.

Anonymous said...

But we eat other fruits than you are - Most of us purchase their food, that is oversterilized and lose its B12.
I mean, it's clear that in nature we shouldn't consume B12 pills, but the fruits we normally eat aren't so natural...