Thursday, February 14, 2008

The goal of this web log..

My goal with this blog is to create a one stop resource center for those on a fruit only fruitarian diet, and for those interested in fruitarianism in general.

I also intend to review some books both on the raw fruit diet, and also on more esoteric subjects like out of body experiences, 2012, conspiracy theories, aliens, and the like.. Plus occasionally throw in some info on websites that you may find of particular interest.. generally, stuff that many of you may not even be aware of.

I am doing so freely, because I have this knowledge that I am both happy and keen to share with you all.

I feel quite sure that the universe will repay me in it's own way, but if you appreciate what's being created here, and do at all feel to help it grow, any donation given freely would surely be taken as encouragement and incentive to keep blogging.. If I were to feel that I was genuinely wasting my time doing this, it is likely I would stop.. But while blogging, I am also gathering information for my book, which I surely hope to get finished one day!!

Peace to you all,Mango.
PS It's early days still.. but I have big plans for this weblog!!

my hand entrenched in a fallen jackfruit.. trust me, it was very very delicious!


Anonymous said...

one thing is for shure are not wasting your time.
i hope you can achieve your goals. if you need houelp y have my contact.

all the best,

Kelsey Ann said...

you are definatly blessed with divine knowledge that cane change other peoples lives.

I am getting into modelling as you know of. I plan on making a highly succesful career out of it. So successful I become know for me work.

When I get there I promise you I will make a very large donation to you. Because it was sites like yours that got me to my better health.

In the meantime have you thought about giving fruitarian lectures at your place? you could make a good sum because im sure many people in australia want the best glow and physique. Do you know how famous you could be - and kveta! 22 years fruitarian! think about it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Filipe and Kiwi!
Thanks for your kind thoughts and words..

Kiwi, Kveta and I have discussed getting in to the speech giving thing on numerous occasions.One day it will likely happen, but I think we both feel that the timing isn't ripe for that yet.

Something is bound to happen soon,and I think that a visa from the government would put both our minds at rest and help things to flow more smoothly..

anyhow,thanks once more,

Unknown said...

Hello Mango,
I'd admire your resolve although I personally believe that 100% fruitarianism will lead to eventual health problems. I have heard that some fruitarians have lost their teeth due to their diet. Their teeth become almost clear and eventually chip off or fall out. Would you agree with this statement? I appreciate your honesty on this matter.
Bill R
Hanover, MD

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Bill,
actually, I have already, on numerous occasions, addressed the issue of teeth and diet.. I give the facts as i see them.. maybe facts is too much of a concrete word.. call them beliefs, if you wish.. you don't have to believe them.. actually, i'd advise anyone to be skeptical of any facts.. don't believe, - experience..

for the teeth, i will state once more briefly, that i don't believe that a fruit diet need be the cause of any tooth loss.. there are dangers to look out for, like eating unripe fruit.. (my own mistake).. and i do believe that in the vast majority of cases, people reach fruitarianism after many years of soul searching, and already subjecting their teeth to far more detrimental foods than unripe fruit, and this has often lead to possibly irreparable damage.. the effects of severe detox (through yoyo dieting) can be the last straw for them and push them to collapse..

also it is worth baring in mind, that those reaching a fruit diet, have often already seen the folly of doctors and dentists, and it may well be that through avoiding the dentist, damage that may with "normal" individuals that do visit dentists that would normally be repaired, is not repaired.. Thus fruitarians might let go of artificially supporting their teeth, and let nature take it's role..

myself, i don't know everything about teeth.. far from it.. i still have a head full of questions.. Is teeth brushing necessary? Can a 3rd dentition appear? and if so under what circumstances?

It seems that no other animals are cleaning their teeth excessively like humans have been taught, and their teeth tend to generally last for their lives, at least the majority of them.. and there have certainly been cases of 3rd sets of teeth forming.. but i'm not suggesting anyone stops brushing.. i'm merely wondering out loud... i do believe though that a 3rd dentition is only a possibility if we do not interfere with nature by cosmetic surgically rebuilding teeth that would otherwise naturally fail us..

Yes, i've read the grape cure.. many years ago.. think i was far from being in 100% agreement with her thoughts, but certainly there are some pearls in there..


Gary said...


First I have to apologize for I realize we are all caught up in the various missions of our lives and this creates the different platos we find ourselves on…so feel free to delete this contribution if you feel it is an impasse on your circle of influence.

I was seeking inspiration from the life of Theresa Neumann and by the Power of Destine, or Google, whichever one - somehow found your site.
Now I don’t know you and I don’t know why you fast in particular but I want to share the revelation of my 6th day of complete dry fasting. I was told my kidneys will collapse and so forth, but my mission for fasting is much bigger then my body. I just have to rinse my mouth every couple of minutes otherwise I can’t speak and my voice is busy going too.
But, and I believe as it was with Jesus, we should not be in seclusion or even let the world know of being on a mission of fasting, but since you don’t know me , I have a clear conscience to share with all.

In fact I see my body as the only vessel of sacrifice and simultaneously the manifestation of all obstacles to live a blissful life closest to the intention of the creative Power of DESTINE; therefore fasting is supposed to break the “you in the equation” down so you can fulfill the requirement of enlightenment as many Gurus over the millennia has defined the requirements for true enlightenment. They say you must show the highest intensity in order to achieve enlightenment but at the same time you cannot desire anything and only then will you achieve true enlightenment – I understand this statement clearly – because I have done that and know exactly what they are referring to. This I take for granted you will know much deeper then I because you seemed to have grasped and element of what I call “the truth of Life” long before I did.

Now a long story short, before whatever I might say begins to make no sense at all – The revelation on the 6th day – Compassion:
I had many question about your life, your quest, your purpose before today but somehow they have all evaporated into this sharing.

You and I, and probably the rest of humankind - We know what is required for humanity to heal itself. We are kind, we rescue animals and bugs, some provide charity and save the world that is all just living up to doing what our “spirit” feels is the right thing to do, but we lack compassion. We live our lives according to our own rule, requirements and what we see as right but we do not go the full length of the way and that is what robs us from living up to our creational destiny.

But there are a few, like Theressa Neumann, who was born with the gift of compassion and that is what made them great in their own domains.

That is what added value and served as the best guide for how one should live closest to the creational destiny/spirit.

Now , I would not want to take the audacity to preach or quote as to what the Jesus’ and Mohammad’s and many others have taught us with regards to compassion so on this open note I must greet you with a blessing:
I hope that in your life fruition of your creational destiny will come to pass for just like me, it seems we are both seekers rather than deliverers.

I must mention that in “Living the truth” I am convinced – and I am a black man from Africa – that what we have been thought to eat is wrong and you guys have discovered the truthful way of eating. I don’t know any fruitarians – I did not even knoiw such a thing existed before yesterday - but without wither redo I shall follow your way of eating because I feel it in my soul and spirit that that was the creational intent in the first place.

Thank you – and bless you for having been an inspiration in your unique way - not forgetting the contributors to your site as well.

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi Gary,
great that you have so readily been able to see the truth behind the concept of fruit eating, and fruitarianism.. i wish you well and success on your path.

cyberryan26 said...

If all humans are designed to eat fruit, then how is fructose (fruit sugar) malabsorption explained? I do know there's hereditary fructose intolerance too, but that's extremely rare. However, up to 30% of all humans can suffer from fructose malabsorption, which suggests that humans should not try to rely on fruit as the primary source of their calories. Is the malabsorption due to other dietary factors, such as excess fat (like diabetes supposedly is)?

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi Ryan,
Well, the way I see it, it is NOT explained. At least not conclusively. The trouble is nutritional science is so mind bogglingly complex, that in my opinion it is unwise to take findings seriously. We are looking at theory and suppositions here. Now to be sure, fructose malabsorption is just one of the many diagnoses that I've never heard of, and don't intend to read up on. I admit that. Frankly I see there is a multitude of oddly named symptoms, which clearly exist out there, but I choose not to believe the conclusions of incomplete research.

Ryan, point to me someone who has GENUINELY eaten NOTHING but FRUIT for 1 whole year (in a sensible varied way), and that has then suddenly begun to show symptoms of fructose intolerance..

I suspect there are other factors within this equation that have lead to fructose intolerance in some, and fruit has been given the blame.

Of course, if one chooses to believe that fruit is the problem, then it would be folly to attempt to eat just fruit.

We all choose our beliefs and reap or suffer the consequences.

kind regards,

cyberryan26 said...

On a second look at the "fructose malabsorption" theory, it appears there are still many types of fruits that can be eaten even by an individual that suffers from this condition. It is possible that combining fructose with an equal amount of glucose can cause the fructose to be absorbed in the small intestines of individuals with these conditions. Therefore, the fructose malabsorpers may have to merely avoid all dried fruits and any fresh fruit where the fructose-glucose ratio is > 1, such as apples, pears, and (gasp) mangoes, but they can eat fruits where the fructose-glucose ratio is < 1, such as bananas, pineapple, grapes, stone fruits (peaches, nectarines, etc.), strawberries, other berries, etc.

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi again ryan,
well, I really take all such data with a pinch of salt, because like i've tried to explain, there are just too many factors involved.. I'm guessing the crux of such issues likely has nothing to do with fruit, fructose or glucose, but is more to do with other things present in ones diet. Too much refined white sugar, fried fatty foods, bread, stodgy grains etc etc..
but hey, that's just my belief..

cyberryan26 said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Mango,
What year were you born Mango? Just wondering.
Bill Rutecki
Hanover, MD

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi bill.. 1961.. and you?

Yogaranka said...

Lovely Mango,

I loved reading your journals, blogs, and really enjoyed the doco on you and Kveta. Both of you inspire me to be brave enough to pursue my dreams of eating fruits solely, as well as fasting on water from time to time. Just for the euphoria and mental peace of it.

I understand your reason not to continue the blogs, but I will sure miss you.